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> Here we go again, first everyone hates the Turn A, now its G-Saviour.

Well, I hated Turn-A's first painting (and I still do), then I hated
Turn-A's face (and I still do). G-Saviour is beyond salvation, G-S's
proportion is shitty, and if you fix up its proportion than it turns back
into a generic a dime a dozen Gundam variations (RX-78 head, GP-01 legs,
GP-03 binders, Turn-A?'s forearms, Wing's shoulder, F91's back, 08MSTish
skirt armor).

Of course these are all personal taste. I look for truly new ideas, which
is very subjective. Here are some truly innovative designs after 0079:
Quebley, Flat, Waldom, Wadd. (hmm so I guess I am a Mead fan after

Another truly great Gundam innovation was a kit bash I saw in HJ a few
months back. This guy mixed a PG, an MG, Ez8, and Gundam Ground Type kits
(and others) together. I think it used a 1/60 chest, with a 1/144 head,
1/60 feet, 1/100 legs, 1/60 hands and 1/100 arms... something like that.
Sounds crazy? It is! The trick was that s/he glued about 1000 bits of
surface details on the whole thing, it looks really like a colony-scale
robot. Very evocative of the artist who used to paint kilometer-scale
robots/structures for Issac Asimov book covers. Two robots that mess with
proportions, G-Saviour did it wrong, the Mixed Scale Gundam did it right.

Pure fantasy, this thing makes SDF-1 looks practical by comparison, but I
love it. I wish someone had scanned that and put it on the net.

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