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Actually Turn-A had good proportions and seemed like a truly different type
of gundam.
G-Savior looks like there are a few bolts missing......

I thought G-Savior had just general GM's like in the images in Sci-Fi
Modeling. I actually
like the idea of several GM's fighting as a group like The 8th MS Team but I
guess the
whole super robot theme to save the world/earth/colonies is the better sell.

How about a female type Gundam piloted buy a female pilot as the main
charactor not just
a side mech like in G Gundam.

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> > I finally got to see the pics................
> >
> > I wish I didn't.
> >
> > Turn-A looks good right now.
> Here we go again, first everyone hates the Turn A, now its G-Saviour.
> Personally, I like the new, very different versions of Gundam mecha that
> are
> the Turn A and the G-Savior, everytime I saw a new Gundam before Turn A,
> it
> was like, Oh, Yeah its a great robot, but all Gundam's basiclly look the
> same. Its seems the Gundam mold is so old, its starting to create
> mutations :)
> I like the G-Saviour a lot. I am glad they are trying to refresh the
> Gundam
> look.
> Aaron
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