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Interesting idea. That just might work but test it out first. But this
does seem like overkill since you might not be rubbing the whole decal and
that is why it is tearing. I like to use a dull pencil to rub the decal on
because then I know where I have not rubbed the decal yet.

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Vince Leon

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To Gunpla modelers,

I've completed 2 MG Gundam models so far and I have yet to have any success
with the dry transfer decals that come with the kits. I seem to tear them
apart every time I try to lift off the transfer film. I have used
lettrasets several times and they always come off much better.

I was thinking of rubbing the decals on to some clear water soluble decal
film and then putting it onto the model in the normal old-school way of
soaking and setting. Would the dry transfers be damaged in the soaking

If not I'll just leave them unmarked.....

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