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Mon, 20 Mar 2000 21:52:51 -0800

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> >Just picked up a few books, don't know if anyone covered them yet:
>> >
>> >Mobile Suit Memoirs
>> >The Best Mobile Suit UC 0079 - UC 0153
>> >207 Pages, 175 Color!
>> >ISBN4-8402-1373-9
>> >Y2500

Actually I was quoting someone else - probably Dafydd.

>2) Inside my copy of the book was a flyer for Hobby Magazine, an advert
>for some of
>their stuff, I assume.


>What is the difference between the Gundam Models Perfect
>Catalogue Ver.1.0 and Ver.2.0? Is either worth getting for a fan of the
>Weapons book series?

Besides updating ver 1.0 to include kits that were released since then, the
major addition to ver 2.0 is the inclusion of BB Senshi kits. However, it is
still incomplete, as other SD Gundam kits (i.e. SD Ganso World kits) are not

>3) Also in this advertisment was, right above an advertisement for
>some other book (I assume it's a book) called MS *something* -The Best Mobile
>Suit-. Can anyone tell me what that is?

See what you quoted above. It's basically a compilation of the mobile suit
features you used to see in old issues of B-Club, complete with model kit

>4) In the current issue of Hobby Japan, past the Virtual On mechs section
>some Gundam stuff starts) there are two ads from companies or stores selling
>t-shirts. One of the t-shirts is a white one with a blue AE Anaheim
>silkscreened on it. Can someone tell me how to order that in the states?

Even if you can order it, the t-shirt may not fit you. I think Cospa's
largest size is either L or XL (Japanese, not American size), which *barely*
fits my friend, and he's a skinny short dude.


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