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Mark Simmons wrote:

> "Best Mobile Suit" is pretty nice - it's a collection of features from
> B-CLUB magazine, each comprising a two-page splash illo of a classic mobile
> suit, followed by a couple of pages of model work. The back of the book also
> collects some other cool columns from B-CLUB. It's not a must-have like MS
> ERA, but it's a nice book to have around.

Glad I ordered it, then.

> > 1) Is there a reason that all the artwork looks like art from the 0080 OVA
> > series?
> The book was originally published in 1989, and created by the 0080
> production staff. Hence all the 0080 references and the use of 0080 mecha
> designs throughout.

Well, honestly, their illustrations and lighting/shading of mechs and uniforms
and such has looked the most believable out of the whole series, with 08MS Team
right behind. I wish they were called upon to do more of this sort of thing.

> The new edition doesn't really add any new material, but the English text
> is a bit more comprehensible and the reproduction of the images is
> infinitely superior. It wasn't until I saw the new edition that I realized
> how lousy the picture quality in the original version was.

It's the best English language reference I've got from any "official" source.
I'd hate to see how bad the pics used to look.


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