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>> BTW, does anyone know what is Brave Police Degger?
>I could be completely wrong, but from what I understand it was a Takara
>toyline after Transformers finally died down in Japan. Sort of a stop gap
>type deal until the whole Beast Wars thing kicked into gear.
>I've seen some of the nicer looking toys reviewed in
>and some of them are apparently pretty good. Think Japanese made
>transformers without the Transformers license. As I recall, most of the
>designs revolve around police/fire cars/trucks and such.
>Robozone has a few pictures:

You're right! But the name as I know was Dagarn or Da Garn. It was part of a
series of robot shows called Brave Saga. That's because each series' name
have the word "yuusha" on it. Yuusha is Japanese for "hero", "brave" or
There was a total of about 10 series made. Here's a list of the series and
the date of release:
1. Brave Fighter Exkaiser - 1990
2. Brave of the Sun : Fighbird - 1991
3. Brave of Legend : Da Garn - 1992
4. Brave Express Might Gaine - 1993
5. Brave Police J Decker - 1994
6. Brave of Gold : Goldran - 1995
7. Brave Command Daguon -1996
8. Brave King Gaogaigar - 1997
9. Saint of the Brave: Burn Garn - 1998

As far as I know, the last title was released only as an OVA and all titles
have a video game released for.
For those interested here are some links to Yuusha - related pages:
* YUUSHA - data and pics - in english
* MAMAO2 (japanese) - pics of practically every toy ever made

Hope this cleared your doubts.


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