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> Where were the RX-78 Gundam and the other Operation V prototypes made?
> Were they developed at Jaburo, and then shipped out to Side 7 for final
> or created from scratch at Side 7?


> The earliest writers on the subject reckoned that the prototype RX mobile
> suits were created at Jaburo. Gundam Century claimed, and the MSV books
> kit manuals echoed, that the first incarnations of the Gundam and
> (the RX-78-1 and RX-77-1) were completed at Jaburo shortly before the beam
> rifle was finalized. It turned out that their power output was too low to
> run the beam rifle, so three of each type were sent to Luna Two for
> precision reactor adjustments that were only possible in microgravity.

Hmmm Mobile Suit performance dragging come on into Luna II
for your 3,000 battle checkup today!

> After refitting at Luna Two, the upgraded prototypes were transferred to
> Side 7 for a final round of tests, plus adjustments for space combat.
> Several more of each type remained at Jaburo - including, we're told, five
> more RX-78-1 version Gundams, which served as testbeds for the GM. (This
> why the GM has a lower power output, and more limited weapons options,
> the Gundam.)

Ship 25 mobile suits worth back to Jaburo while finishing
final testing... you're right Mark, it does sound strange.

> On balance, I'm inclined towards the classic theory that they were
> at Jaburo.

Since even though Side 7 is further away, nobody ever got
into Jaburo the way Char did Side 7...

> Also: If the Federation had retrieved enough data from Side 7 that it
> could begin development and production of so many new machines, what would
> it need the Side 7 test data for, much less the prototypes themselves? The
> Jaburo theory posits that the Side 7 machines were substantially improved
> over the versions that remained at Jaburo, but the Federation didn't yet
> have the full details of these improvements. While waiting to get its
> on the upgraded versions, it was forced to use the inferior early models
> templates for mass production.

Good Stuff


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