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>Ironic, Mark Simmons and I were just talking about the G-3 subject last
>night. In Comic BonBon's Zeta Gundam manga, Kondo has a few original
>designs, including an alternate version of Hamaan Khan's Qubeley... it still
>has the same basic look as the original, but with a bulkier frame like the
>Quin Mantha... plus it transforms into a mobile armor mode! And it is
>called the MSN-010 G-3 (not to be confused with the MSV Gundam G-3 or the
>MSN-00100 Type 100). This model pic looks _kind_ of similar to it, the
>model work is definitely Kondo-based, and it's similar to the Zeta manga's
>G-3 Qubeley but with much more internal framework/skeleton showing thru.
>-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

The picture in question ((is)) a garage kit of the G-3, taken from a
foldout from an issue of Hobby Japan. Shots of the model were also featured
in an issue of B-Club. One of the odd things about the model vs Kondo's
original design, the model doesn't seem to reflect quite the same
transformation ability (the model probably can't tranform, but to a certain
extent it sometimes looks like it couldn't to begin with).


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