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> My reason for it to be created is this: It is currently overrunning the
> newsgroup rec.arts.anime.misc. The Gundam discussion on it has veer in some
> instance very far off from what I watch a Gundam show for. I simply want
> raam back to the pre-GW level, and handle the GW traffic seperately.

I understand this, its blatantly obvious that rec.arts.anime.misc is over ran
with Wing :) but can also be created, but there's no reason
for to be created, if no one wants You have the GML and while
we do talk about Wing, we also talk about any and all Gundam subjects. will hopefully take some or most of the Wing stuff away from
other newsgroups like rec.arts.anime.misc. My reason for wanting is it should ease the amount of Gundam Wing stuff in the other
newsgroups and maybe the GML. See if I could get enough votes, I could try to
get the news admins to create a rec.arts.anime.gundam, but I need votes. I
want to have another place in addition to the GML, to discuss Gundam. There's
likely people in the newsgroups who are Gundam fans, not just Wing fans, that
do not want to be on the GML, but do want to discuss Gundam stuff besides

I have no problem with Wing fans, Wing is one of my favorite animes, but I do
get tired of the drooling over Heero, Trowa, etc., they are anime characters,
ficitonal, made up people and its ok to have favorite characters, but
somethings wrong when someone gets a crush on an anime character or worse,
you know? This is the kind of stuff you don't want, right?

Its not right to not allow no Wing stuff to be discussed, since it is Gundam,
even if some don't like it. The only soluation I see, is to create a Gundam
newsgroup and a Gundam Wing newsgroup. I assume that would help some or even
a lot, right? So everyone understands me correctly, I DO NOT want to REPLACE
the GML! I LIKE the GML and will stay on it, I just want another place to
discuss Gundam, in addition to the GML.

Dragonball(in english) and Macross(in english) and even Robotech have their
own alt groups, I feel that Gundam also deserves one. I need no votes for an
alt newsgroup and someone is trying to create, but I would
like to try to get rec.arts.anime.gundam or something similar to it created.
My reasoning is while an alt group requires no votes, it seems to be a longer
process for an alt group. If something like rec.arts.anime.gundam got created
and it became over flooded with Wing stuff, I hope I could get the help of
people like you, so if it is needed, we can have a fair and good chance, at
getting rec.arts.anime.gundamw created or if not that, at least

Maybe by having a regular Gundam newsgroup and maybe also a Gundamw
newsgroup, it could help lessen the amount of not good Wing posts, but the
drooling crazy or silly Wing posts, that get old.

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