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That, or he shouldn't have had those burritos before the battle :-)

Just being a smart aleck (and testing my new e-mail address)

Joaquin Torres

Armand Larraga wrote:

> Alright here's what I thought was interesting, I just rewatched the last
> episode of Gundam Wing TV (Not Endless Waltz) and right after Heero
> destroys the falling chunk of Libra headed toward Earth, and Two Mix's
> Just Communication comes on signaling the end of the series, everyone is
> waiting to see if heero is alive... Well when they all see Heero flying
> triumphantly everyone comments about Heero, and Quatre says something
> like,"Now I understand... Heero is the Soul of Space" or at least that's
> what it says in the translation I have. Now I'm guessing Quatre is
> probably empathic in some way and is very in tune with everything around
> him. And well in the grand scheme of the Gundam Wing universe, Heero is
> a very important figure, So I'm guessing Quatre is feeling the effects
> that Heero's near demise is having on the universe/space.Later, just my take
> on the whole thing,
> Armand

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