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> it would be cool but i think this was discussed a while back.... i don't
> remember who, but someone said that they preffered the real time reciept
> messages and frankly so do i... Its so tedious in front of a computer all
> day when you gotta do work and its kinda cool recieving a new message every
> minutes.

Yes, I know this and think this is nice, too.

> seriously man, have you seen the amount of GW pages even before Cartoon
> Network?!! Sure I may not be a big fan but c'mon!! exactly how many
> of 5 boys do you need? and I'm not talking Backstreet Boys either! Besides
> American fans tend to obsess over the littlest things (Star Wars, Magic,
> Warhammer, Star Trek, Bruce Lee, Pokemon, should I continue?).

Did you even bother to read the proposal at alt.config, bianires(pictures)
will not be allowed.

> But of course as you said, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and
> the point i'm trying to make is just don't obsess over stuff too much.

I am not obsessing about anything. You seem to totally misunderstand my
intent of the original post. You do not have to use this Newsgroup nor give
up the GML, I am asking no one to give up the GML for a newsgroup, that is
NOT my intention, I was just asking who wanted a Gundam newsgroup.

I was trying to get the support of the Gundam fans to help get a newsgroup
for Gundam created, but this is no longer required, as someone is trying to
create and it seems like it will be successful and votes are
not needed for an alt group.

I am not going to argue and I do not feel like discussing this anymore. Sorry
for any misunderstandings.


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