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>It will be for all of Gundam, not just Wing. Its up to the people to decide
>what Gundam is discussed. Its meant to be for all Gundam fans, so that means
>that Wing will be discussed also. Wing is part of Gundam or even if you don't
>like it, other people do and should be able to discuss it.
>This ML did very well with the Wing posts once it started on CN and we where
>still able to discuss other Gundam besides Wing. Wing would not take over
>this Newsgroups. Besides, can be created if it over whelems
>Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it. Just thought I'd
>let you know everything. All I ask is for whoever wants, to go
>to alt.config and show your support.

it would be cool but i think this was discussed a while back.... i don't
remember who, but someone said that they preffered the real time reciept of
messages and frankly so do i... Its so tedious in front of a computer all day
when you gotta do work and its kinda cool recieving a new message every few

seriously man, have you seen the amount of GW pages even before Cartoon
Network?!! Sure I may not be a big fan but c'mon!! exactly how many pictures
of 5 boys do you need? and I'm not talking Backstreet Boys either! Besides
American fans tend to obsess over the littlest things (Star Wars, Magic,
Warhammer, Star Trek, Bruce Lee, Pokemon, should I continue?).

But of course as you said, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and the
point i'm trying to make is just don't obsess over stuff too much.

- Roger

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