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Uh, you must keep in mind Giren's Greed is a game of parallel universe "what
ifs" which is the premise of the whole game. You can build as many Rx-78s
as you like, for example. Even the anime cutscenes are "what ifs" sceanrios
dependant on what you do in the game.

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> Silly question, was Ma Kube's Gyan the only one
> built, the Giren's Greed game had one movie where
> Zeon occupied Earth, and they had two Gyan's
> guarding some kind of Shrine, but Gyan's had a
> Yin Yan symbol painted on the shields. I just had
> this idea that there were probably a few more of
> the Gyans than one, maybe three prototypes like
> the Gundam, or Two like the Kampfer, even the
> Alex was one in a series of four...
> Any help out there....
> And Niel if you're reading this its just to break the
> Gelgoog monotony... heheheheheheheheeee...
> Paul
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