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Hi everyone. I'm new on this list. I have to admit, I've never had the
opportunity to see Gundam tv, Gundam Z (except the first 4 episodes that
were fansubbed), Gundam ZZ, or Victory Gundam, but I have seen the Gundam
movies released by AnimeVillage, 0080, 0083, Char's Counterattack, F-91, a
few episodes of G Gundam, all of Gundam W (for which I own the entire series
on LD), some Gundam X, and some Gundam 08MS. IMHO, of everything I've seen,
0080 was probably the best, GW amused me the most, F-91 was kinda cool, G
Gundam scared me, GX looked like it had potential and I still need to finish
watching it, 08MS didn't really captivate me, 0083 had some nice character
designs and fight scenes, and the original stuff was highly dated by the
animation, but interesting to watch from a historical perspective. I
understand that the best stuff is in Zeta, but I haven't really had time to
go searching for copies. I also noticed that some of the original TV series
has started to filter its way into my local Japanese tape rental place, so I
might be borrowing that soon. Anyway, I'm pleased to meet you all. I look
forward to reading some interesting discussions here. I'm also a fan of
many other series and gendres, though sci-fi has always had a special place
in my heart.

Anyway, I hope no one minds if I ask a couple of GW questions that have been
bugging me for a long time. I already have GW Endless Waltz OVA1 Type B LD.
What's the difference between Type A and Type B, other than the jacket? Is
it worth buying Type A also? (please answer as a GW fan - I realize some of
you don't think it's worth buying GW period, so this question doesn't apply
to you :-) And finally, I believe they only released Odd Numbers and Even
Numbers on VHS. Is there enough new footage to make it worth buying those
tapes also? I know at the very least that Quatre's situation at the end of
the series wasn't entirely resolved to my liking, and I remember seeing
images in the anime magazines of scenes from Even Numbers that looked like
they might have tied up some loose ends.

I also put up a small GW image gallery last night, if anyone is interested.
I tried to scan images that I hadn't seen online, and images that amused me.
I also plan to add a few more images this weekend. The URL is It's not linked from my
homepage, and probably won't be a permanent feature. It's just something
that seemed like fun at the time. ^_^



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