Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 14:26:27 -0800

>Hey Guys, just noticed that HLJ finally has the PG Zeta in and if the
>descriptions are right, it is going to be FRIGGIN INCREDIBLE.

Not to mention the shipping costs, which will be almost enough to buy a
PG Gundam!

>Here is what
>HLJ wrote up about it:
>The largest and most detailed plastic model kit in Bandai's history is
>finally here! With a kit this amazing, it's simply impossible to mention
>everything, so please be willing to settle for the highlights:
>37 runners of parts (825 total pieces). About 50 locations secured by metal
>screws. Speaking of metal, the landing gear struts are die-cast.

The April issue of HJ has a lot of PG Zeta's pictures, one of them shows all
the screws, springs, wires, and other metal parts from the kit, and the
amount included is just mindblowing. Expect to spend weeks to put a monster
kit like this together, without painting!

>different locations light up on the finished kit (eyes, tail fin, beam saber
>and both wingtips, batteries included!). Full inner mechanism detail on all
>limbs. Opening panels on the head, chest (inc. cockpit) and more. Fingers are
>individually-jointed. Comes with two beam sabers, shield, two grenade packs
>and the huge beam rifle. Locking systems provide stability in both Wave Rider
>and Mobile Suit modes, so things don't flap around like they do on the Master
>Grade kit. Separate cardboard manual describes with concise photos how to
>transform between the two modes. Comes boxed in two separate inner boxes that
>are held together by a rugged outer cardboard box with carrying handle! Whew!

So clear armor is not inclued? Bummer... :)


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