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>How many people want a Gundam Newsgroup? With GW starting, a lot of Gundam
>topics are showing up in the following Newsgroups:
>, as well as
>Some people are getting somewhat rightfully ticked off at the Gundam posts
>and some are not handling it well at all, I feel a flame war could start. Two
>people are trying to create newsgroup. Go to alt.config to
>read the proposal. It will be for all of Gundam.
>The GML is fine, but more Gundam fans are on the newsgroups then the GML. I
>feel that a Gundam newsgroup is a good idea, it would a nice addition to the
>English Gundam fan base. Take note that there is currently no English Gundam
>I know doesn't need votes, but whoever wants a Gundam newsgroup,
>please reply to the proposal with your support. I am going to reply with my

As much as I would like to agree with you I feel that I really well.... won't
simply put I don't like Wing very much and If a Gundam newsgroup starts, well
it would only be GW talk over and over besides newsgroups are kinda annoying
and I rather like the configuration of a mailing list better that Newsgroups.

- Roger

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