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> > What's strange about a Sunrise/Bandai production? Sunrise is a
> > of Bandai if you didn't know. Bought them a few years ago.
> Yes, I knew that. I meant because its a Sunrise/Bandaiproduction,
> should be a great show. If not great, it should be at least watchable and

> enjoyable.

guahhh...Dinozaurs doesn't look like a hsow I'll be watching. It has designs
that resemble "Monster Rancher," and it's a combo or Transformers and
Pokemon (again). I'll hold out for Card Captor on WB, which apparently gets
better after the first season (although the first IS watchable--high
production values and fluff like Sailor Moon's first and 4th season).

I already have Escaflowne. Why watch a watered-down version? The kids are
lucky--I hope they like it.


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