James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 07:52:44 -0800

  Putting your character-piloted units in the bottom of your stack is
a good idea to keep them alive longer. But when you attack, after
firing away, only the first three MS get to rush in and go hand to
hand. That's the first three mobile suits, not units. Example: you
have a GM unit at the front. At full strength it has 3 gms, but in
this case it only has 2. Next, you have a Guncannon-A, only one mecha
there. And at the back is Amuro in a Gundam. When you attack with
this stack, although all will fire, only the two gm and then the
guncannon will get a melee attack. Amuro misses out, until one of the
gms, or the guncannon is destroyed.

Being in the front slot of a stack will give you a greater chance of
being hit--but if you have a character will a high melee rating, it
makes sense to use that skill. I've had Shin Matsunaga in a "gift"
GP-01fb survive many battles at the front of his stack. He dodges the
enemy shots (the fb is good at that) and the units behind him get
blown away. Of course you could always have a stack of 3
one-mech-units (ex. gundam) and then all of them could get a whack at
close combat.


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