Fri, 17 Mar 2000 05:19:42 EST

How many people want a Gundam Newsgroup? With GW starting, a lot of Gundam
topics are showing up in the following Newsgroups:, as well as

Some people are getting somewhat rightfully ticked off at the Gundam posts
and some are not handling it well at all, I feel a flame war could start. Two
people are trying to create newsgroup. Go to alt.config to
read the proposal. It will be for all of Gundam.

The GML is fine, but more Gundam fans are on the newsgroups then the GML. I
feel that a Gundam newsgroup is a good idea, it would a nice addition to the
English Gundam fan base. Take note that there is currently no English Gundam

I know doesn't need votes, but whoever wants a Gundam newsgroup,
please reply to the proposal with your support. I am going to reply with my


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