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> Paul Fields wrote:
> > Few questions for the group, um... looking at all the lineart
> > I have, the primary differences between Fed and Zeon MS
> > cockpits are that Zeons use a Joystick on a sliding throttle
> > like rail on each side of the pilots chair to control the left &
> > right sides of the machine.
> The 0079 Zeon MS actually had standardised controls that sort of
> resembles that of large aircraft but had independent control sticks(not
> joystick) for handles. (For some reason the Dom had Federation type
> sliding controls)
> 0080, 0083, 08th, Zeon MS all seem to use the 'joysticks' mounted on the
> sides of the seats except the Zugock E which used sliding controls.
> >
> > Federation MS seem to use a throttle like rail on each side to
> > control power, and thrust, but just have handles on each of
> > these sides, so they can't fine tune their movements. I'm in
> > a quandry here, I'd like to assume that all you do is shove the
> > power level up on the side you attack with, and the computer
> > executes a macro, but if you turn the computer off Ala South
> > Burning in 0083 how do you work the handles, they don't
> > have any control other than forward, back, and use the hand's
> > weapon (fire button) very limited if you ask me.
> >
> > Both sides use foot pedals, lets move on...
> I don't think the Federation sliding controls directly control the power
> output as you have described. It's hard to tell from watching the anime,
> what these things do but the foot pedals do seem to control the thrusters
> though.
> It's important to keep in mind that it's one thing to build these things
> but it's a completely different story to give these things the full
> freedom of movement that a human being has. So realistically, a MS will
> have very limited set of movements compared to a human being although
> it's not always obvious from the anime.
> Since the basic controls of a tank is only two levers that go back and
> forwards, I suppose a MS can be controlled in a similar way. i.e. one
> stick forward will turn the MS, both sticks forward will make the MS move
> forward, both sticks back moves the MS back, use both foot pedals for
> jumping straight up, one for jumping sideways etc.. There will have to be
> some system in place that distinguishes the environment. i.e on the
> ground MS walks, in sky/space thrusters only etc.. I would imagine the
> use of weapons eg raising a beam rifle to firing position, drawing the
> beam sabre are all button activated as well as other basic movements such
> as lying down, getting up etc...
> The differences in controls between Zeon and Federation MS are obviously
> due to the difference in the control system used. It's kind of like the
> difference between a manual (stick-shift) transmission and an automatic
> transmission in a car.. The Federation MS has a lot more computer
> assistance than the Zeon MS and is easier to pilot. i.e. the Federation
> MS computer had a lot more pre-programmed movements which could be
> performed at a touch of a button whereas the Zeon pilot had to manually
> perform the movement.
> In regards to South Burning, I don't recall the situation very well but
> he probably switched off the 'safety' computer that would have prevented
> him from performing movements considered too risky/dangerous to the MS
> and/or the pilot. I doubt he switched off all the computer control of the
> MS since all of the controls must be fly-by-wire.

Sometime after ZZ Gundam, everybody adopts the 2 semi-sphere stick control.
In CCA, both Londo Bell's mobile suit and Neo Zeon's suit uses the same kind
of control, which seems to give better direct control.

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