Thu, 16 Mar 2000 22:19:16 EST

        With Gundam W's success on Cartoon Network and the oncoming roll out
of Gundam merchandise, I've started to think more and more about the
possibilities of a Gundam PC game for America. The more and more I think
about it, the better the PC looks as THE platform for Gundam games. The
reasons why I think THE Gundam game could only be made on the PC follows.
Note I have a blatant disregard for the HUGE amount of money that would be
needed to play THE Gundam game on the PC at it's full potential and the
amount of money it would take to develop such a beast.

1. Multiple Monitors: The PC has the ability (as seen in some games) to
spread out information over a host of Monitors Imagine if you will, a Gundam
game that used up to 3 monitors The center monitor to display your front
view, the left for various info (damage/ammo/overheating/etc) and the right
for a detailed radar screen. The two info screens could also be controlled by
a keyboard.

2. Throttles/Flight Sim Equipment: The PC already has a wide range of
throttles/pedals/etc. in comparison to the non existent supply in the console
world (unless you include the Twin Stick for Virtual On). Imagine having two
ready throttles at your sides with pedals at your feet with a keyboard in the
center and, to cap it all off, an Interactor Chair letting you feel your
Gundam suit move and pivot.

3. Multiplayer Capabilities: Now wouldn't it be cool as hell to actually
decide the fate of the world? Already they have ton's of persistent world
RPG's so it isn't too much of a stretch to see an actual Online Gundam World.
The only problem being the fact that couldn't be tied down to the actual TV
shows story. Otherwise everybody would be wanting to play as Char or Amuro
(or whatever the hell other characters they want to be). Not only would you
control your mobile suit, but you'd also be able to set up your own factions
ala Quake clans. Imagine taking your one basic Mobile Suit and your tent for
a base and earning yourself one huge ass Gundam with a base the size of the
Grand Canyon.

Now that, my friends, would be THE Gundam game (more or less anyways).

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