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Paul Fields wrote:

> > Paul Fields wrote:
> >
> > > Federation MS have a STAR WARS viewer they can pull
> > > from the back of their cockpit, and over their eyes to aim a
> > > shot, the Zeons don't... how do they aim, any ideas?
> >
> > That is a holdover from the original Gundam and Guncannon suits. I
> > believe it has something to do with taking advantage of the Stereosipic
> > vision of the Gundam. Does anybody know if GMs have this?
> Core fighters, and Ground type Gundams (08th MS Team) have
> the sight as well, Guncannons have it, but have the same Monoeye
> as the GMs do... I just assume GMs have it, but don't know if any
> person out there has ever seen a Zaku aim through something, they
> look through the scope on their rifle, but the pilot doesn't lokk at
> anything different in the cockpit does he?

Obviously, Core Fighter, Gundam, Gun Cannon, Gun Tank all have it because
they all share the Core Fighter cockpit and controls. The 'star wars' scope
in these machines are only used for 'long' range shots so the purpose of the
scope is to offer telescopic vision.

Zeon MS on the otherhand either doesn't need a separate display scope or it
doesn't have the telescopic ability built-in.

If you compare the lengths of the sights on the Fed and Zeon weapons, you
will notice that the ones on Zeon weapons more closely resemble 'real-life'
telescopic sights whereas the sights on the original Gundam weapons are short
in comparison.

I have no idea exactly what technology is used in the sights but if it is
using conventional optical physics then the differences in the lengths of the
sights suggests that the Zeon ones have much greater telescopic ability then
the Federation ones. Which means the Fed MS have telecopic ability built-in
to their MS whereas the Zeon MS requires an external system. This is
supported by the 'star wars' scope or lack there of.

But if you take into account the fact that Zeon are ten years ahead of the
Federation in terms of MS technology then it is possible that the Zeon MS had
a much more sophisticated visual display system and could show on the pilot's
main screen what the Federation MS required the star wars scope for.
However, most post-Z era MS have the ability to zoom-in on a distant object
and display it on part of the main screen but the weapons they carried didn't
have conventional sights on them except the really long range weapons, so it
seems it is unlikely.

So I guess it means that the Zeon pilots actually have to get the MS to look
through the sights on their weapons for long range shots.


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