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> > > Paul Fields wrote:
> > > > Federation MS have a STAR WARS viewer they can pull
> > > > from the back of their cockpit, and over their eyes to aim a
> >
> > Was it a Star Wars invention? Or were there any real life example of a
> > fire control scope? I would think it's pre-1977.
> I REALLY don't know, but I saw Luke use one in his X-Wing
> just like it, and Amuro and all the other Fed pilots use one from
> time to time, since I can assume everyone on this list has seen
> Star Wars I used it for reference. I don't know if there is an old
> fighter plane that uses a similar system or not. What I really want
> to know is if anyone ever saw a Zeon use something like it...
> Paul

And since Gundam has been known to pilfer ideas from Star Wars before... Use the New, err, Force Luke. Grab your bea, I mean lightsaber...


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