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In Japan it's almost a convention that young kids are voiced by women voice actors, and depending on the character's age and temperment, you can tell it's a more "mature" or "masculine" character if he's voiced by a male actor proper, even if the character's age is 13 or so (hence Usso, Judo are voiced by male actors.)

Of the GW pilots, only Quarte was voiced by a woman actor because of his temperment and soft voice.

Interesting note, Goku of DBZ kept his voice actor (a woman!) even when he's all grown up into this muscle-bound guy!
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  Today's ep of GW features a new intro, as you've said, guys! Obviouslly this time now it's a recap of ep # 7.
  I also have a comment about the voices used on the dub. For what I know the pilots are all teens (some seems quite young), but FOR ME the voices used to dub them don't fit their age. It's just me or it's the dub done the right way?? Any help clearing this doubt will be appreciated.

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