Paul Fields (
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 13:09:42 -0500

> Paul Fields wrote:
> > Federation MS have a STAR WARS viewer they can pull
> > from the back of their cockpit, and over their eyes to aim a
> > shot, the Zeons don't... how do they aim, any ideas?
> That is a holdover from the original Gundam and Guncannon suits. I
> believe it has something to do with taking advantage of the Stereosipic
> vision of the Gundam. Does anybody know if GMs have this?

Core fighters, and Ground type Gundams (08th MS Team) have
the sight as well, Guncannons have it, but have the same Monoeye
as the GMs do... I just assume GMs have it, but don't know if any
person out there has ever seen a Zaku aim through something, they
look through the scope on their rifle, but the pilot doesn't lokk at
anything different in the cockpit does he?


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