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Thu, 16 Mar 2000 11:04:35 -0500

Few questions for the group, um... looking at all the lineart
I have, the primary differences between Fed and Zeon MS
cockpits are that Zeons use a Joystick on a sliding throttle
like rail on each side of the pilots chair to control the left &
right sides of the machine.

Federation MS seem to use a throttle like rail on each side to
control power, and thrust, but just have handles on each of
these sides, so they can't fine tune their movements. I'm in
a quandry here, I'd like to assume that all you do is shove the
power level up on the side you attack with, and the computer
executes a macro, but if you turn the computer off Ala South
Burning in 0083 how do you work the handles, they don't
have any control other than forward, back, and use the hand's
weapon (fire button) very limited if you ask me.

Both sides use foot pedals, lets move on...

Federation MS have a STAR WARS viewer they can pull
from the back of their cockpit, and over their eyes to aim a
shot, the Zeons don't... how do they aim, any ideas?


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