Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 14:41:37 -0800

><< Can someone tell me who are the voices of the US Gundam W? I want to know
>how thw voices will sound, since I don't have cable. Btw, can someone post
>up the
> opening of the US version of Gundam W? >>
>The VA's all come from Ocean Studio, the same fellows who did Ronin Warriors
>and the first 2 seasons of Dragonball Z. Scott McNeil (Piccolo/Rat Trap/all
>sorts of stuff) does Duo and Brian Drummond (Vegeta) does Zeck. I haven't
>heard any other familiar Ocean Studio VA's though.

Did you guys notice that Zechs now sounds waaaaaay less evil than he was in
the first couple of episodes? I bet Drummond wishes he could go back and
redo the first couple of episodes.


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