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You will enjoy this kit. There is plenty of room for adding more
detail, not that it's necessary. The only thig you have to be careful
on is that this kit is poseable, but not meant to be full action.
A lot of weight will be put upon the hip, keen and ankle joints.
Conventional B-joints won't cut it.
The best self made joint w/o rolling was using the rubber caps you find
in the ffice bathroom door where the metal coat hanger is, you know,
the little black cap. Use a plasticbead as the ball. You might think
I crazy, but this think is strong yet totally posable.
Give it a try.
Don't wanna vandalize the bathrooms, go to Home Depot, great place to
find this stuff.

Enjoy this kit!
--- Vince Leon <> wrote:
> Hey, this is the kit I have. 1/72 scale Nu-Gundam. I bought it
> around
> 1994. I haven't built it yet, maybe over the summer when I have a
> little
> time.
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> Vince Leon
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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Nu Gundam
> The one you see on eby now IS a recast. The original was made for
> JAFCON3. They had a show license. The company was CraftBase, which
> is no
> longer. A couple of years ago, a Gkit company in HK got the original
> and
> casted it again... Suppose to be licensed recast. They have not
> rerelease
> it since.
> Anyway, as promised... here is the URL for the pic:
> I will try to scan the
> instructions later.
> Eddie, you will also see this kit in the video that I sent you.
> Gus
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Gus Jae

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