mirai y (zafikel@hotmail.com)
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:19:45 EST

Eddie wrote:

>- www.buyrite1.com: they have a lowest price guarantee, but they do charge
> more for shipping and handling than the competition. The general
> consensus is their service is awful - a friend spent almost an hour
> navigating their new voice mail menus until he got a live person on the
> phone, who was less than willing to help him. My own personal
> has been a lame too - they ship products in damaged packaging, and
> you 2nd day shipping even though you requested regular ground. Not
> recommended unless something you want is in their clearance bargain bin
> for a dirt cheap price.

I second Eddie on this one. My experience has been awful. They shipped a
damaged item then refused to replace it.

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