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  The one you see on eby now IS a recast. The original was made for IIRC
  JAFCON3. They had a show license. The company was CraftBase, which is
  no longer. A couple of years ago, a Gkit company in HK got the
  original and casted it again... Suppose to be licensed recast.
  They have not rerelease it since.
  Anyway, as promised... here is the URL for the pic:
  I will try to scan the instructions later.

  Eddie, you will also see this kit in the video that I sent you.


  --- Edward Ju <> wrote:
> >Yea, I saw that one too, God knows how many generation recast that
> is.
> >I will try to get the pics up tonight.
> You mean that one was actually a recast, not the original? Was it
> full-
> action?
> Eddie
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