Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 18:48:44 -0800

>Eddie sorry to bug you again but do you know do you recommend these sites for
>getting started on a collection of Gundam.

All the sites I mentioned mainly sell imported videogames. If you want to
start a collection of VHS, LD, or DVD of the anime series, TokyoPop is
probably the best site (although their customer service is not as great as
it used to be these days). You can also order directly from Japan via


They ship via EMS so it can be a bit pricy, but you get your stuff quicker.

>I've got Gundam Movie 1-3,
>0080,0083, Chars Counter Attack, Gundam X, F-91, but can't find anyone else
>who could help me on getting the others....sucks cuz can't speak Jap or read
>it...would it be sweet if we coul'd just go there to live and watch
>Gundam!!!! ZIGGGGYYY!!!

Other than the unsubbed original release, the other series are only available
as fansubs or Asian bootlegs, and most of them only have Chinese sub. You
pretty much have to count on www.AnimeVillage.com for future release of the
other series.


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