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Tue, 14 Mar 2000 15:19:56 -0800

>Where you guys buying these???

If you don't have a lcoal store that carries imports, there are several
online retailers that specialize in imports. Here are a few famous ones:

- www.buyrite1.com: they have a lowest price guarantee, but they do charge
  more for shipping and handling than the competition. The general
  consensus is their service is awful - a friend spent almost an hour
  navigating their new voice mail menus until he got a live person on the
  phone, who was less than willing to help him. My own personal experience
  has been a lame too - they ship products in damaged packaging, and charges
  you 2nd day shipping even though you requested regular ground. Not
  recommended unless something you want is in their clearance bargain bin
  for a dirt cheap price.

- www.ebay.com: if the price looks too good to be true, it's probably a
  CD-R or bootlegged "HK disc". Always check on the seller's feedback for
  complaints of selling bootlegs before you bid.

- www.ncsx.com: highly recommended by some friends, my own personal
  experience with them was less than stellar - the product ordered came in
  damaged packaging, which was not mentioned on their web offer.

- www.tokyopop.com: membership-based e-tailer, I think basic membership is
  now free, but you have to pay an annual fee to get special pricing on
  certain offerings. They do special orders but can take a while, and their
  price is not the best, since they don't specialize in games. Service used
  to be real good, but now that they've outsourced shipping to Ohio, if you
  live in CA you might want to consider shopping elsewhere - products now take
  longer to arrive and you still end up paying state sales tax. :(

- www.tronixweb.com: I've only dealt with them once so far, but the deal
  went smoothly. Prompt replies to e-mails, fast shipping, and good price,


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