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On Tue, 14 Mar 2000 08:37:32 -0500 "Enriquez, Eric" <EEnriquez@HATCH.CA> wrote:
>OK you guys in the States.
>It's been a week of Gundam Wing on TV down there so far. How has it been?
>Have the edited versions been that much different than the unedited
>PLEASE no spoilers! Just some comments good or bad......

I've never seen any Wing other than a couple of the 3 Endless Waltz eps prior to this, but so far those that have have said that it really compares favorably to the original (other than the stupid "Toonami" opening for it, I wish they had left the original in there). The voices have been done extremely well, except possibly Dou's (his surfer dude's voice is starting to kinda grate on me) and maybe Zech's (voiced by the same guy who did Vageta and maybe the wolf character from the english dub of Monster Rancher, not sure). I'm just kinda surprised what was left in the edited versions. They might have left out actual blood and edited some language (saying destroy instead of kill all the time also grates on the nerves), but overall, no real footage has been taken out that I noticed between the edited and unedited versions. They even left in the eyecatch scenes and the next episode previews and stuff that was written in Kanji before is still there on screen. I especially liked the!
 fact that they didn't redo Just Commmunication in that one ep into english or another song altogether. It was left in its original form.


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