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Mon, 13 Mar 2000 23:31:41 -0800

>Hello all, I just got my copy of the February Model Graphix with the
>0083 technology piece. At any rate, I saw something that caught my eye.
>On page 34, which has flow charts of MS development,

There are no flow charts on p34. You are probably thinking of p36, in
which case it's just fan fantasy.

>it shows a split
>off from the RX-78GP01 to something called the GMP01, which seems to be
>a mass-produced GM version of the GP01! - Hey, Paul, sounds a lot like
>your idea for a Re-GP01! I assume this is just someone's imagination,


>but I'd be interested to know any information on this, even if just from
>the description on that page (since I dont know Japanese).
> Neil

Not much I can add, it's just what you said - a mass produced version of
the GP-01. The bubble next to the GP03S says "Internally decided to be
given the MG treatment?"

Most of the stuff on that page are jokes, like the "LM" arm replacement
for the MG GP02A (which solves the weak arm joint problem) can be marketed
under the guise of "After Nuking" version (the GP-02A's shield arm couldn't
move after it fired off the nuke, as Kou noticed during their fight).



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