Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 23:08:53 -0800

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> - some reanimated scenes in CCA are of HORRIBLE quality.
>Really, which ones? In General I thought they looked good, but there are
>alot fewer
>than Zeta.

Mostly the CCA/NeoZeon footage. The main problem was that the characters
did not look similar enough to the anime itself, so you can tell right away
they're re-animated scenes, not footage from the film. I still cringe
when I see some scenes with the reanimated Char.

>> - graphically, Zeta Gundam looked better
>I dunno...

Bigger mecha, brighter colors (CCA's mecha, for whatever reason, has a
very washed-out, bleached look color-wise), less polygon pop-ups.

>The thing that I really liked about CCA was the ability to switch weapons,
>rule! they were sorely missing from Zeta. The dummies add a nice bit of
>and the ability to target specific body parts was pretty cool too.

CCA does give you more weapons to play with, but some of them are rather
useless, and you won't be using them when your beam rifle is done charging.

Unless, of course, you are using Char's RickDom and doing the ultra-cheap
blind-then-close-in-and-whack-them tactic.

>The part with the nukes sucked big time though!
>---Brett Jensen

LOL... yeah, that was my least favorite stage too.


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