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Mon, 13 Mar 2000 22:24:52 -0800

Edward Ju wrote:

> - some reanimated scenes in CCA are of HORRIBLE quality.

Really, which ones? In General I thought they looked good, but there are alot fewer
than Zeta.

> - graphically, Zeta Gundam looked better

I dunno...

> - Zeta has transforming mecha! Need I say more?

I'll agree with you there! It's fun to zoom in close with Zeta, then slash em with
the beam saber!

> - Twice the fun for your money - finish Camille's disc, then play the same
> campaign from Quattro/Char's perspective on another disc!

Yeah, I agree.

> - Tons o' mecha to choose from in Zeta's battle mode

Yeah, I agree.

The thing that I really liked about CCA was the ability to switch weapons, Vulcans
rule! they were sorely missing from Zeta. The dummies add a nice bit of strategy,
and the ability to target specific body parts was pretty cool too.

The part with the nukes sucked big time though!

---Brett Jensen

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