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Nicholas Paufler wrote:

> Well I finally managed to borrow a Playstation (hey, only 6 years behind the
> game) and got a copy of Char's Counterack.
> Played it for about an hour and quite enjoyed it. Virtal On in the arcade
> was the last game I played where I really felt that I was in a mech

Try the Armored Core series. IMHO Armored Core captures the feel of mobile suit
combat better than any actual Gundam game that I've played. (admitedly I haven't
played RFTA yet) You can build a wide variety of anime style mecha which can
emulate the handling and appearance of many anime robots. The Mecha designer is
Shouji Kawamori of Macross fame.

You start out with a machine whose performance is like a OYW Zaku, but you can
build it up significantly. If you have all three games you can build your
Machine and pilot up to where It's like having a newtype, pilot Gundam Wing's
Tallgeese! pretty cool. Best of all, all the games are available in the US (The
third one will be soon actually).

I've always bought the Japanese versions. (can't stand those year long waits)

---Brett Jensen

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