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> in g gundam, there was a complete lack of clues
> whatsoever. a viewer would have been completely
> justified in assuming that master asia was a noble
> character fallen from grace for no other reason than
> greed and thirst for power.
> oops, forgot the spoiler space....:P
> where was i? oh yes -- the assumption that master
> asia was a good guy gone bad for power and greed. or
> that he was corrupted by the digicells of the ultimate
> gundam gone bad. the latter is a perfectly acceptable
> conclusion, since the show tosses us several gundam
> fighters who were doomed by the digicells.
> who woulda thought that master asia was a frikkin'
> tree hugger??? and that the devil gundam was every
> tree hugger's wet dream come true? arrrgh!!! when
> the true motives of the characters are revealed, and
> when the real plot is unveiled, you wonder why the
> characters are nothing like you've been lead to
> believe.
> it's like the carpet pulled out from under you (it was
> only a small rug in the sixth sense). you had no
> choice but to step on the carpet the moment you
> entered the room.
> not to say i dislike the story and method -- it's a
> refreshing take on the megalomanic politics of war
> stories. i'm just digruntled at being taken for a
> roller coaster ride.
> -garrick

I never wholly bought the Master Asia turning into Evil act. G Gundam is
very much influenced by Chinese martial arts novels, especially that of Jin
Yong. The entire tournament to determine the fate of the world is almost
directly taken from the Jin Yong's novel "Eagle Shooting Heroes", not to
mention Master Asia's name came from a later Jin Yong's novel. The novel
that contains Master Asia also has something like Devil Gundam. An
forbidden martial arts teaching is encapsulated in a manuscript, and Master
Asia yield to the temptation of practicing it. DG technology in G Gundam is
a forbidden technology that Master Asia sought to harness to his will.

It wasn't until the round of 11 months ended, and the story moved to Hong
Kong that I was convinced of Master Asia's true character. He had a truly
megalomania (the governor of Neo Hong Kong), and probably works hard at
concealing a true purpose.

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