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>Well I finally managed to borrow a Playstation (hey, only 6 years behind the
>game) and got a copy of Char's Counterack.
>Played it for about an hour and quite enjoyed it. Virtal On in the arcade
>was the last game I played where I really felt that I was in a mech (other
>than Mech Warrior's big tanklike mech's).
>Didn't take me long to figure out the controls and a surprising amount of
>the game was in English. Kinda handy not having to guess at the Kanji =)
>So I've got a couple of questions based on this..
>1) How does it rate compared other Gundam PSX Games?

CCA is a sequal of sorts to the double-disc PSX game Zeta Gundam. Personally
I prefer Zeta over CCA, because:

- some reanimated scenes in CCA are of HORRIBLE quality.

- graphically, Zeta Gundam looked better

- Zeta has transforming mecha! Need I say more?

- Twice the fun for your money - finish Camille's disc, then play the same
  campaign from Quattro/Char's perspective on another disc!

- Tons o' mecha to choose from in Zeta's battle mode

One thing that CCA has which Zeta lacks is the availability of funnels/bits.
However, when the MS is in motion, you get a more arcade feel in Zeta - not
necessarily a bad thing, when some of the suits from CCA feel sluggish by

I can't help but feel that CCA was a rushed job because Bandai was trying
to cash in on this Big Bang Project thing. They basically took the Zeta's
engine and tweaked it enough to allow NewType weapons, but did not improve
much graphic or gameplay-wise.

>2) What other games are there out there that can be played with no ability
>to read kanji?

If you're talking about Gundam games for the PlayStation, all the action games
are easily playable with zero ability to read kanji:

Mobile Suit Gundam (1st person shooter)
MS Gundam Version 2.0 (1st person shooter)
SD Gundam Over Galaxian (Galaxian clone)
Zeta Gundam (similar to CCA)
Gundam 0079: War for Earth (CG rendered interactive movie like Dragon's Lair)
Gundam: The Battle Master (fighting game)
Gundam: The Battle Master 2 (fighting game)

Obviously, the turn-based strategy games such as Perfect One Year War,
Giren's Greed/Blood of Zeon, and all the SD Gundam/Super Robot Taisen
games are text-heavy and gaijin-unfriendly, so you probably want to stay
away from those.

>3) I've played both the G Gundam and Gundam Wing Super Famicom games
>(emulated, of course) and the latter was a surprisingly good fighting game.
>I know there is/will be one for Dreamcast ... but what other consoles were
>graced with a gundam game?

Sega Saturn has:

- Mobile Suit Gundam (1st person shooter)
- Zeta Gundam Part I (side-scroller)
- Zeta Gundam Part II
- Giren's Greed (turn-based strategy/war game)
- tons of SD Gundam/Super Robots War/Taisen titles

Dreamcast has:

- Gundam 0079 Side Story: Rise from the Ashes (MS sim/1st person shooter)
- White Base bonus disc for RFTA (see above)

There's also V Gundam and F91 for the Super Famicom, along with your usual
horde of SD Gundam games.

Bandai's own handheld Wonder Swan has:

- Emotional Jam

and then there's Pippen, Bandai's Mac-powered console, which has:

- Gundam 0079: Mobility Fleet (runs on PowerMacs too, a port for Win95 was
  made, this is kind of similar to the F91 game for SFC)
- Gundam Virtual Modeler Light/Pro (runs on PowerMacs, a port for Win95 was
  also made - this is not really a game, but a 3D rendering hobby-ware)

There's another Gundam game for the Japanese PC featuring the cast from the
original series, I am not sure what type of game it is though.

I'm pretty sure I've left something out...


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