Nicholas Paufler (
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 20:14:47 -0800

Well I finally managed to borrow a Playstation (hey, only 6 years behind the
game) and got a copy of Char's Counterack.
Played it for about an hour and quite enjoyed it. Virtal On in the arcade
was the last game I played where I really felt that I was in a mech (other
than Mech Warrior's big tanklike mech's).
Didn't take me long to figure out the controls and a surprising amount of
the game was in English. Kinda handy not having to guess at the Kanji =)

So I've got a couple of questions based on this..
1) How does it rate compared other Gundam PSX Games?
2) What other games are there out there that can be played with no ability
to read kanji?
3) I've played both the G Gundam and Gundam Wing Super Famicom games
(emulated, of course) and the latter was a surprisingly good fighting game.
I know there is/will be one for Dreamcast ... but what other consoles were
graced with a gundam game?


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