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>Even outsider's notice it :) What type of television programming does Japan
>have? I mean news, anime, serious stuff, live action, etc.
The news shows tend to be more in depth with a lot of analysis. Generally
of a higher intelligence level than American news shows. Most dramas are
done in a "mini-series" fashion, with 13 to 26 episodes each. They usually
continue, from one to the other very much like most anime does. There are
very few shows that are self contained within each episode. If they are,
they tend to be longer, lasting about 2 hrs. (like TV movies).

IMO, the most simplistic of the Japanese shows are the "samurai" shows(e.g.
"Mitokoumon", "Tooyamano Kinsan"), with very clear good and bad guys, the
good guy always win. This is a big favorite among old folks... My grandma
was completely perplexed by Gundam because she couldn't figure out who the
good guys and the bad guys were. Her comment at the time: "How could you
like a show that doesn't have good winning over evil?"

Variety shows with lots of "idol" and silly antics are very popular.

My mom's favorite is one where they send 3 to 5 yr. olds on errands by
themselves with TV crew following them around. They go all over town,
riding the bus, subways, etc. by themselves. It's really amazing how smart
some little kids are... it's really cute.

It's generally more zany and whacky than American TV. They're also a lot
more liberal with nudity. Nude bath scenes pop up in prime time dramas all
the time.

Another fun thing to watch for is American celebrities doing commercials.
Like Spike Lee, Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, pitching everything
from cars to beer.

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