Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 15:13:36 -0800

>Man, I totally disagree. I really like my HCM Nu Gundam! Out of the four
>HCMs I own
>that one is definately the best. (Don't even get me started on how bad
>Zeta sucks!)
>The toy is degfinately sturdier than the models, I've had mine for 8 years
>and the
>joints are still pretty tight.

The Zeta HCM indeed sucked, but it was compromised by the concessions made
to accomodate the transformation mechanism.

>What you said about the Funnels being one peice is true but the don't fall
>off half
>as much as the ones on the model.

It was the lightest part in the package. It was molded in some soft PVC
like material, complete with SHINY SURFACE! Argh!

>You can always paint the accessories (although I
>wouldn't since this toy is pretty rare these days.)

The beam rifle and bazooka, along with the 1-piece fin funnels were all
molded in this cheap-looking material with shiny surface, which stick out
like sore thumbs with the Nu itself in flat paint. Since the HCMs are
designed to be completed toys that do not require painting, what the Nu
came with is just unacceptable. Just imagine the new chogokin Gundam
coming with the beam sabers molded in solid white instead of translucent
pink, it just makes the toy feel cheap!

>Anyway, if you are interested in more detail and are willing and able to
>put the
>work into it, get one of the models.

The 1/100 scale kit looked way much better unpainted by comparison, except
for the head, which needed some detailing. Even the 1/144 scale kit posed
and looked much better with just a halfway decent paintjob.

>But if you are a lazy modeller (like me), and
>can find the HCM for a reasonable price (fat chance), go for it.
>---Brett Jensen

Not likely until Bandai reissues it. I often wonder if these people are
bidding on it just because it's hard to find these days and they don't
know what the toy is like at all - it's hard to imagine blowing $100 on the
thing when you could get a 1/100 scale real cloth musha Gundam DX toy
instead, which is truly out of production!


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