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Mon, 13 Mar 2000 10:08:19 -0800

Edward Ju wrote:

> >Hmm.....Wasn't there a HCM Nu Gundam?
> Noooo! Why do you have to resurrect the horrible memory I worked so hard to
> bury? That toy did not deserve to be a HCM release. All fin funnels come
> as 1 piece, with no detailing! The toy was so bad Bandai didn't even bother
> to reissue it for the 20th Anniversary!

Man, I totally disagree. I really like my HCM Nu Gundam! Out of the four HCMs I own
that one is definately the best. (Don't even get me started on how bad Zeta sucks!)
The toy is degfinately sturdier than the models, I've had mine for 8 years and the
joints are still pretty tight.

What you said about the Funnels being one peice is true but the don't fall off half
as much as the ones on the model. You can always paint the accessories (although I
wouldn't since this toy is pretty rare these days.)

Anyway, if you are interested in more detail and are willing and able to put the
work into it, get one of the models. But if you are a lazy modeller (like me), and
can find the HCM for a reasonable price (fat chance), go for it.

---Brett Jensen

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