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hmm....i really dont have a website on hand. in fact, i've been looking for
such roms all over the place and i just cannot find them....they are
especially hard to find since they've never made it to the U.S.
market...well, not officially anyhow....but if you can find any strategy
type games based on gundam for the famicom console, please gimme a notice. i
really appreciate your help...i used to own some of those games when i was
in elementary school, but have lost them smehow...=( btw, just out of
curiousity, what are your give and take on some of the new tv series such as
W Gundam....i did not become a fan until i watched the films F91 and Char's
Attack back in the early 90's when they were released, and i am really into
the original Gundam series, including the one yr war, z, zz, and char's
attack....although i have not seen any of the new episodes that have just
come out recently, it seems to me that the new gundam series seem to be
trying to appeal to a younger generation....

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> Funny you should mention this. There are Filipino shops here rehashing
> Famicom games illegally for a cheap alternative to PSX and other console
> systems for the third world masses.
> I'll check them out and see if I can find one - but a Gundam game? Highly
> unlikely. Can you guide me to a site so I'll know what to look for?
> Fed
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> > hi guys. i am new to this forum, so please bear with me. i've been
> > for gundam games made for the original old japanese nintendo (famicom).
> they
> > were strategy/fighting games, very much like the ones they have on super
> > famicom. i am just wondering if anyone knows where i might be able to
> > them...
> >
> > Chris
> >
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