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From: Nicholas Paufler <paufler@telusplanet.net>

> I've got a question about Nu Gundam, which happens to be my favorite
> in the whole Gundam Universe.

One of the best for me. But my heart still belongs to the fleet-killing
GP-02 Physalis. Oh yeah, any word yet on whether the our favorite
fin-fanelling Gundam is gonna get the go for an MG release?

I'm thinking of adding it to my MG collection after my two other faves: the
GP-01FB and the Zeta Gundam. Maybe the RX-78 just for nostalgia.

> First, what model kits/toys of it are available, and how many organs amd I
> going to have to sell to get them?
> I've seen the SD Nu Gundam model on eBay and a few online stores, but
> nothing else.

I don't think you'd have any problem getting one in Asia in all forms. The
plastic kits are generally available everywhere in regular prices. I've seen
it in department stores here. Try hobbylink japan or Rainbow Ten.

The 1/100 is just a shade below MG quality. You'd be amazed at the most
simple addition that makes the damn thing balance. Screws. :) Not as much
detail as an MG - but a good enough frame to custom.

> Secondly, does it ever appear again, other than in Char's Counterattack? I
> always thought it combined the best of the classic gundam elements with a
> bit more ... flair.

I don't think it ever appeared again.

On the other topic - Yutaka Izubuchi is known for the flair in his designs.
The Ingrams, the Sazabi, the Nu and the others he designed have a distinct
touch that Nagano would have had had he been more conservative in his
approach. Have you seen Izubuchi interviewed yet? He looks and talks more
like a fashion designer more than a Jap low-maintenance lifestyle mangaka. I
heard that Nagano looks kinda similar in the way he carries himself as well.
The interview I saw was in the end of the 1st Lodoss War OAV volume released
in the U.S.

> Thirdly, anybody know where I can find any good images of it, suitable for
> wallpaper and such?

There was a good gouache/watercolor poster released for the 20th
anniversary. I only have the Sazabi one in watercolor. The only others I
know are the RX-78-2. There was one sent to me by a friend that most
probably had come from an artbook. I can send it to you upon request.


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