Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 00:41:53 -0800

> The new US release date is April 10.
>Bandai is contemplating releasing the White Base bonus disc in the US.
>(Incredibly) Bandai wants to hear from the US fans themselves. So if you
>have a US Dreamcast and thinking of getting the game, why not tell Bandai
>you want the bonus disc as well. It's worth having.
>Read the following article for details
> <http://dreamcast.ign.com/news/16353.html>IGN DC US Gundam bonus disc info

Wasn't the Japanese version given free to people who bought the game or sold
at a nominal price to registered purchasers? The bonus disc seems to offer
only 1 bonus mission and enable the gallery and jukebox modes, these
shouldn't be hard to squeeze onto the original game disc.

The marriage of internet and console games has a rather detrimental effect...
now developers are more inclined to release games half-baked, probably not
even past Alpha stage, and release patches over the internet after the game
has been sold for months! Pretty soon even game tester/QA staff will be out
of a job.


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