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Hey thanks for the info and the fast response. A few followup questions...

> - 1/100 scale: often described as "almost MG quality", this kit has metal
> parts in its legs due to the heavy fin funnels it carries. Even with
> metal parts, the kit can still be hard to balance. Mine has to be in a
> leaning forward stance so it won't fall.
I'm assuming that both the 1/100 and the 1/144's are the typical precolored
snap together but-look-better-with-glue-and-paint style?

> - 1/144 scale: there are 2 versions, the regular version and the fin
> less version, which is a ripoff. Get the regular version, it's worth
> the extra money. Like all other Nu kits, it also has trouble standing
> when the fin funnels are equipped, but I've been able to pose mine in
> some cool stances by cheating - the lowest fin funnel is extended, and
> is long enough to be a back supporter for the model because it actually
> touches the ground.
> - SD Nu Gundam: currently being reissued as #1 from the SD G Generation
> collection, with extra weapons. There is also a SD Ganso version, but
> it is next impossible to find this out-of-print kit now.
> There are also resin versions of the Hi-Nu Gundam, which a lot of people
> this list love. I haven't put mine together yet, so no comments for now.
Shudder =)
This is far and away beyond my skill level. Cool to know its out there

I just thought to search eBay with "RX-93" intead of Nu Gundam and had some
better results.
I came up with

What exactly is a HCM? Says High Complete model, but that looks more like a
toy to me ... ?
That one definately looks like the sort of thing I'd want to buy.

Finally, what would one expect to pay, on average, for the 1/100 and 1/144
w/ fin funnel model kits,
assuming I can find them? Anyone know of any online stores that I should

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