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Sun, 12 Mar 2000 23:48:49 -0800

>I've got a question about Nu Gundam, which happens to be my favorite design
>in the whole Gundam Universe.
>First, what model kits/toys of it are available, and how many organs amd I
>going to have to sell to get them?

No toys available. The most popular kits are:

- 1/100 scale: often described as "almost MG quality", this kit has metal
  parts in its legs due to the heavy fin funnels it carries. Even with the
  metal parts, the kit can still be hard to balance. Mine has to be in a
  leaning forward stance so it won't fall.

- 1/144 scale: there are 2 versions, the regular version and the fin funnel-
  less version, which is a ripoff. Get the regular version, it's worth
  the extra money. Like all other Nu kits, it also has trouble standing
  when the fin funnels are equipped, but I've been able to pose mine in
  some cool stances by cheating - the lowest fin funnel is extended, and
  is long enough to be a back supporter for the model because it actually
  touches the ground.

- SD Nu Gundam: currently being reissued as #1 from the SD G Generation Zero
  collection, with extra weapons. There is also a SD Ganso version, but
  it is next impossible to find this out-of-print kit now.

There are also resin versions of the Hi-Nu Gundam, which a lot of people on
this list love. I haven't put mine together yet, so no comments for now.

>I've seen the SD Nu Gundam model on eBay and a few online stores, but
>nothing else.

There's an eBay seller from Florida, he's got an endless supply of old SD
kit. If you want the SD G Generation version instead, check for CG artwork
on the box cover.

>And finally, what exactly is
>http://mechadomain.gundam.com/cca-msv/fa-93hws.htm? What purpose did it
>serve other than to make a cool Gundam look fat and bloated :P

Consider it the MSV Full Armor Gundam equivalent of the Nu Gundam...


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