Nicholas Paufler (
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 00:33:04 -0800

I've got a question about Nu Gundam, which happens to be my favorite design
in the whole Gundam Universe.

First, what model kits/toys of it are available, and how many organs amd I
going to have to sell to get them?
I've seen the SD Nu Gundam model on eBay and a few online stores, but
nothing else.

Secondly, does it ever appear again, other than in Char's Counterattack? I
always thought it combined the best of the classic gundam elements with a
bit more ... flair.

Thirdly, anybody know where I can find any good images of it, suitable for
wallpaper and such?

And finally, what exactly is What purpose did it
serve other than to make a cool Gundam look fat and bloated :P

Thanks for any assistance

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