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>> Dude, this vague description could apply to over half of the Gundam series
>> out there. Does that make them all rehashes of 0079? Besides, the Zeons
>> didn't build their own version of Gundams in 0079, and the "heavy
>> consequences for the earth" was mentioned in passing before the show even
>> started, whereas in Wing it was placed in the grand finale.
>Goof, Guan, Gelgoog, Ziong ... that list just doesn't stop.

None of those sport the patented samurai helmet, V-anteena, red tongue,
or super tough alloy armor like the Epyon from Wing. Come on, you are
beginning to stretch it to a point where any show can be a 0079 ripoff.

>As to heavy
>consequences, colony drops, asteroid drops, occupation, etc. As to the
>characters, you say that Zech is Wing's Char but fail to admit that the five
>G-boys are a mix and match set of White Base Crew aspects rolled into five
>little terrorists.

I fail to admit? I don't even see it, and no one's pointed out any
specifics supported by examples yet. So where's the cowardly Kai Shinden
in the 5 G boys? The nurturing Mirai? The naughty Kiki & Co.? You must
have seen a different Gundam Wing than I did.

>As to the Relena/Sala comparison, they are both blondes,

Relena is not blonde. Hair hair is light brown. For comparison, check out
Zechs, who's blonde like Char and Sayla.

>intelligent, not very connected to reality, the sister of the main "bad guy,"
>and heir to the empire of the "bad guys."

Relena was a heir to a kingdom destroyed by the Alliance, how does this make
her heir to the empire of the "bad guys"?

>Oh, and she love the main "good
>guy" of the show. That's six point of comparison, Eight if you throw in being
>female raised on earth.

Sayla did not love Amuro in the original TV series or movie trilogy. It was
only in the Tomino-penned novel, which conflicts with the animated TV series
and movie trilogy on several points.


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